2013 in Review

A Recipe for the Eaton's 2013

1 rescued puppy
2 exhausted college students
1 growing baby
A handful of U-Haul trucks and trailers
2 dozen baby names
1 job search
1 pregnant woman
1 motion sick man
At least 15 kolaches
1 new R&D food science job*
1 cross country move

1. Place two exhausted college students in the last semester of their undergrad programs. Add a rescued puppy (Label says puppy is house trained, this is not true. Puppy must be trained.) Stir frequently for three months, add in a search for post graduate jobs.

2. After job search has been fully incorporated in the mix place growing baby, pregnant woman and motion sick man in a plane, have them skydive from airplane in Zion’s National Park. Let sit for two months while the job search continues to form.
When job search has finished, attempt to place two former college students, now trained puppy, and all of their belongings in a small UHaul truck and midsize sedan. Not everything will fit, sell or donate items to various individuals.

3. Incorporate the cross country move. Sprinkle miniature disasters like losing housing, three flat tires and one puppy who hates long car rides along the way. Once cross country move is complete, combine with R&D food science job.

4. While new job is settling, use the rest of the UHaul trucks and trailers to replace those items that were sold or donated.  At this point you will discover the deliciousness that is kolaches and also that the 1 growing baby is male. While eating many kolaches, add two dozen baby names and debate about them. The motion sick man will settle on the name Roland Isaac and the pregnant woman will agree.

5. Finally, let growing baby finish baking, motion sick man settle into his job and the pregnant woman continue to take college classes, while the rescued puppy is content.

Combine with various road trips and lessons learned to wish you a wonderful 2014 from our family to yours.

Photography by Joshua Eaton

*R&D stands for research and design, Gabe currently helps formulate new recipes and tastes for frozen food products. We will soon be able to tell you about his latest project that will be available in stores in a few months.

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