We Learn A Day At A Time...

I used to say "I am by no means a photographer. At all." but now I will claim "I like taking photos." I have no idea what I am doing half the time, I have to google any settings I want to change on my camera in order to not shoot in auto and even simple edits on Photoshop Elements.

But I am learning, and I have now taken two families' pictures. No, I do not plan on doing this as a business any time soon. I still need to graduate with my undergrad, and don't have the time or money to learn and invest like I have seen so many photographers do.

But, I do want to document our lives and part of that is taking pictures. So here I am, trying to become better at it. These pictures were taken on a cloudy day, which made editing and basic settings on my camera much easier to configure.

Also, I have a copyright on these and all other pictures I have on my blog. Just fyi.

How adorable is this little girl? 

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