In the city that we love...

This month has moved along quite quickly... and although I never thought I would say this, but so has my pregnancy. Maybe that is just because I am semi freaking out about being responsible for a new born in four months and the long list of to-dos before then.

This was taken at 20 weeks 3 days. I have gained 20 pounds so far... 
I lied and have kept up with looking at the scale regularly. 

I also chopped off 6 inches of my hair. 
Most people know how big of a deal that was for me. But, I figured 1. If I was that attached to my hair something should be done and 2. My hair has grown a lot since I have been pregnant, so if I wanted to cut it short, now was the time to do it and still have time for some of the length to come back.

Anyways, back to the baby. Our little boy weighs about a pound now and is 11 inches long. I definitely feel him kick on a regular basis. Gabe feels it every once in awhile and even Starky has jumped a few times at the kicks. Oh and Gabe chose a name that I really like so we are going with it but aren't quite ready to announce it to the internet.

This past week I went to visit my cousin and her three cute kids. I love watching moms and seeing how they parent their kids. Each child is different and I realize that I won't do things exactly like anyone else but it is great to see others in action and realize that while being a mom will for the most part take over my life, that I can still have my own identity and goals for myself. Also, I just love my family and it was a blast to hang out with them for a few days.
Here is me holding the sweetest little girl. 
Seriously, she is happy about 95% of the time and it was so adorable to see her crawling around after Starky. Speaking of which, I was impressed by how well our dog behaved around the kids. He has a few things to learn, but he was so sweet with each of the children. 

While I was at my cousin's house I had the chance to babysit and the two older kids wanted to play hide-n-seek. Each time I counted they ran off, giggled and hid together. I love their relationship as siblings. At one point they decided to hide in Starky's kennel. At first I was mortified, but I decided I could at least snap a picture of their adventure before rushing them out of his kennel and having them wash their hands. 

And then my wonderful long time friend Lyndi drove an hour to come pick me up so we could hang out and talk. I am so grateful for the friendship we have been able to cultivate over the past thirteen plus years (are we really that old?!). We went to a park in downtown Dallas where Lyndi treated me to the food trucks and we listened to some live music. Starky met a few other dogs and we laughed almost as much as we talked. I still don't know how I managed to snap a picture of a food truck but not one with Lyndi. Oh well, I guess that means I will just have to go visit sooner.

Part of the reason I went to visit Dallas is because Gabe went to Wisconsin for a work trip. I usually just stay home and enjoy the freedoms of having a car during the day, but Gabe ended up having to fly into Dallas and I am really glad I was able to spend a few days with some of my favorite people.

Speaking of favorite people, while Gabe was in Wisconsin he was able to see his brother Josh.

I love the relationship those two have. Gabe talked about their visit all the way home from Dallas and I could tell it made such a difference in his trip. I love our siblings and how much they care for and about us. Plus, who else can you have borderline inappropriate inside jokes with for life...

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