Baby Updates

Last Friday night Gabe and I both felt Baby Eaton move for the first time. I had a doctor's appointment earlier that day and the nurse asked if I had felt any movement. I said no but realized that I haven't really been paying attention lately. So later that evening I sat there and kept pushing around on my stomach. Gabe came over and the look on his face was priceless when he felt baby move.

Technically Gabe felt baby move first, which I thought was a great bonding moment for them. Since then he has put his hand on my stomach every morning before we get up to see if he can feel it move.

I am so excited to find out the sex of our baby next week. I have zero expectations for this child as far as sex goes, except I would like it to have two sex chromosomes. After taking a few genetic courses I will say that. Last Friday the heartbeat was 150 and everything else was great, this baby keeps growing and we are so grateful.

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