It just keeps growing...

Baby Update

Here is a baby bump picture for all of you who were wondering :
17 weeks, 3 days

I'm not even halfway there and I feel large. After stepping on the scale this morning I've decided I probably won't do that again until post baby. I am eating right, go walking throughout the week, do my prenatal yoga daily (thanks Mom) and am doing my best to drink lots of water. That's what matters, right?

I think I felt the baby move the other day, but can't be sure. Gabe and Starky both think my bump makes quite the comfy pillow. It doesn't squish me, so I don't mind.
(It isn't very clear, but he is snuggled up against the baby bump)

When I was first pregnant I craved ramen noodles and bologna. Gross, right? But lately it has been dark chocolate sea salt almonds (which are addictive enough when I'm not pregnant) and buffalo wings. I am still waiting to eat some buffalo wings until we have date night at Buffalo Wild Wings, I want the good stuff. Oh and the dark chocolate sea salt almonds? 

Josh, my brother (in-law) saved the day and sent me two entire tubs of them.

I have discovered I am not one of those women who enjoy pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to be pregnant but I do not like being tired all the time, tearing up over random things when I am not even used to crying, etc. 

However, it is so fun to watch Gabe take on the roll of parenthood. A family member text him the other day asking if he had a Christmas list yet, and Gabe told me "Is it bad if I don't really want anything? I just want stuff for the baby. I don't need more things." I am grateful he is my partner in all of this.

I go in for blood work, the gestational diabetes test and genetic testing later this week. We are hoping to find out the sex October 7th, but because Gabe could get called to go out of town at a moment's notice we aren't setting our hearts on that date.

I have started playing videos of babies laughing, crying and making noise to try and get Starky used to those sounds. We got a package of diapers in the mail the other day (Newborn diapers are tiny by the way. How am I not going to break this child?) and Starky thinks they're his.
I can't think of anything else in the baby department. It is growing and healthy, and we are happy for that. 

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