And I was like Baby...

Just in case there is anyone following this blog who isn't my friend on Facebook or Instagram... I am pregnant!
We found out in the middle of trying to pack and move from Utah to Texas and were excited but because we were so busy with everything else we just kind of pushed it to the back of our minds and kept packing and planning.

As you can tell, I was exhausted. Gabe was as well but he was too busy working two jobs and going to school for me to get a picture of it. When we found out I was pregnant we were busy, but I think we were also anxious. When you have miscarriages so close in order it is difficult to keep getting excited about having a baby. The feelings I had kept bringing to mind trying to date guys with thoughts of my parents failed marriage in the back of my head. It is so difficult to trust something wonderful because it seems too good to be true.

But because we were so busy packing and planning and cleaning and running around the time passed quickly. Our first ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat and we couldn't be more elated. When the second ultrasound showed a healthy baby as well we finally let ourselves be excited.

3 month "belly" picture:

Yoga pants have become my best friend as of late and I am glad our puppy is so snuggly and willing to take naps with me throughout the day. Oh Baby Eaton, I hope we can show you just how much we already love you. We are so excited to meet you and are doing our best to prepare to be your parents.

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