Monday, September 30, 2013

You can never go back...

One of my favorite memories from when I was young is my mom playing the piano/singing at bedtime. Growing up I was pretty independent and because of our circumstances I had to figuratively grow up at a young age. But in those moments, when I was in my bed, snuggled up under the covers I felt safe, I felt like a child.

And so, whatever our circumstances are, whatever happens in our lives I will sing to our children. I will sing songs I grew up hearing and songs I fell in love to, songs of belief and songs of question, songs my grandparents sang to us and songs I hear from the husband...

Maybe that will help them hold onto their childhood a little bit longer, to feel the comfort of a blanket and the love of their parents.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just keep going...

There are few things in this world that hurt my heart more than someone being rude to my mother because she is disabled, which happened earlier this week. I could get mad, I could bash companies on social media, I could probably file a law suit...

But what would that solve? I'm not sure a store giving their employees sensitivity training would really solve the problem, just like some bad reviews or cash. And so, I have decided that I will be extra kind this week. Because that is all that I can do, oh and endorse exceptional people like this woman:

and this wonderful woman, who I had the chance to be roommates with once upon a time:

More about Scout's story here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

It just keeps growing...

Baby Update

Here is a baby bump picture for all of you who were wondering :
17 weeks, 3 days

I'm not even halfway there and I feel large. After stepping on the scale this morning I've decided I probably won't do that again until post baby. I am eating right, go walking throughout the week, do my prenatal yoga daily (thanks Mom) and am doing my best to drink lots of water. That's what matters, right?

I think I felt the baby move the other day, but can't be sure. Gabe and Starky both think my bump makes quite the comfy pillow. It doesn't squish me, so I don't mind.
(It isn't very clear, but he is snuggled up against the baby bump)

When I was first pregnant I craved ramen noodles and bologna. Gross, right? But lately it has been dark chocolate sea salt almonds (which are addictive enough when I'm not pregnant) and buffalo wings. I am still waiting to eat some buffalo wings until we have date night at Buffalo Wild Wings, I want the good stuff. Oh and the dark chocolate sea salt almonds? 

Josh, my brother (in-law) saved the day and sent me two entire tubs of them.

I have discovered I am not one of those women who enjoy pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to be pregnant but I do not like being tired all the time, tearing up over random things when I am not even used to crying, etc. 

However, it is so fun to watch Gabe take on the roll of parenthood. A family member text him the other day asking if he had a Christmas list yet, and Gabe told me "Is it bad if I don't really want anything? I just want stuff for the baby. I don't need more things." I am grateful he is my partner in all of this.

I go in for blood work, the gestational diabetes test and genetic testing later this week. We are hoping to find out the sex October 7th, but because Gabe could get called to go out of town at a moment's notice we aren't setting our hearts on that date.

I have started playing videos of babies laughing, crying and making noise to try and get Starky used to those sounds. We got a package of diapers in the mail the other day (Newborn diapers are tiny by the way. How am I not going to break this child?) and Starky thinks they're his.
I can't think of anything else in the baby department. It is growing and healthy, and we are happy for that. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chairs to sit and sidewalks to walk on...

This past weekend we were able to head down to Houston for a quick overnight stay to visit our friends James and Haley. They were married a little less than a month ago and because I was on bed rest for two weeks we were unable to go. It was great to see them and we didn't realize how nice it would be to escape town, even for a few days.

We left Friday right after Gabe got off work, but due to a series of unfortunate events we didn't get into Houston until late at night and we stayed up talking and eating a late but tasty dinner until almost 2am. Saturday morning we all slept in. Starky only escaped into where James and Haley were sleeping twice to try and wake them up. That dog...

We decided to hit up the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and eat lunch at the food trucks across the street. While the food trucks never showed up the MOFA was pretty spectacular, even if my poor pregnant feet were beyond swollen. But to make up for those toes, we ate probably the best pizza I have ever experienced. I will seriously have dreams about the pizza, and my mouth waters when I think about it. I also can't tell you how excited I was that Gabe ate a Margarita pizza that he liked.

One thing I love about trips like this is the chance to spend one-on-one time with Gabe, for the most part uninterrupted. We have some of our best conversations on these trips. It was also so wonderful to spend time with James and Haley. I am so grateful the Lord has blessed us with such good friends, and seeing them made getting used to Texas that much easier. Even if I failed to take a single picture along the way.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dog days are over...

Over the next few months I am taking 18 credits in order to finish up my undergrad, which means a lot of time on the computer. Sometimes this makes Starky extremely jealous. This morning he came and sat on the keyboard of the laptop and just looked at me.

He has done really well around babies, but I am kind of worried he is going to sit on our child after it is born. He already walks all over my belly so it is only a matter of time, right?

Oh well... I was definitely pregnant when I went skydiving so I'm sure a little dog sitting won't hurt this baby*.

*No, I won't let our dog sit on our child freely but I am just preparing for the day when I try to run to the bathroom really quick and it happens.

Friday, September 6, 2013

And I was like Baby...

Just in case there is anyone following this blog who isn't my friend on Facebook or Instagram... I am pregnant!
We found out in the middle of trying to pack and move from Utah to Texas and were excited but because we were so busy with everything else we just kind of pushed it to the back of our minds and kept packing and planning.

As you can tell, I was exhausted. Gabe was as well but he was too busy working two jobs and going to school for me to get a picture of it. When we found out I was pregnant we were busy, but I think we were also anxious. When you have miscarriages so close in order it is difficult to keep getting excited about having a baby. The feelings I had kept bringing to mind trying to date guys with thoughts of my parents failed marriage in the back of my head. It is so difficult to trust something wonderful because it seems too good to be true.

But because we were so busy packing and planning and cleaning and running around the time passed quickly. Our first ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat and we couldn't be more elated. When the second ultrasound showed a healthy baby as well we finally let ourselves be excited.

3 month "belly" picture:

Yoga pants have become my best friend as of late and I am glad our puppy is so snuggly and willing to take naps with me throughout the day. Oh Baby Eaton, I hope we can show you just how much we already love you. We are so excited to meet you and are doing our best to prepare to be your parents.