Won't Stop to Surrender...

Three years ago today I married Gabriel Josiah...

Oh how I love that man.

Freshman year, before we were even dating a guy in one of my classes make a really rude comment about the fact that I wore sweats to class every day (it was an 8am class, and the only one I had on Fridays). Gabe found an editorial written in response to a similar situation talking about how girls can totally rock sweats and look great, and who cares because it is about getting an education. He cut it out, highlighted a few sentences and gave it to me in an envelope.

I remember once that Gabe made this elaborate mix for me... two CDs, 32 songs long. I have no idea where those CDs are now, but I can remember every single song on each one of them.

A week after we started dating I went to go visit my brother in Las Vegas and when I got back the first words Gabe said when he saw me were "There's my girl."

I thought Gabe was an incredible guy then, but as I think of the long list of stories I could add to this, I realize I was just beginning to find out how wonderful he really is. From working hard to become who he is to showing me how much he loves me and supporting my goals and dreams, making countless road trips and crazy ideas turn into the best adventures...

Happy Anniversary Husband, I'm excited for what comes next with you.

Photography by Joshua Eaton

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