Pick a star on the dark horizon...

I am one of those people who loves quotes. I read and reread them, my class notes often have quotes scribbled into the margins. One of my favorite things to do when I first get a journal is to take a sharpie to it and place meaningful quotes on random pages. Words are powerful entities in my life. Words got me my first job, a state championship, into college, married to a wonderful man and provide access to a myriad of emotions and logical thoughts.
This morning I have been reflecting on these two quotes:

You think the dead we love ever truly leave us? You think that we don't recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble?  -Dumbledore (JK Rowling)

When doubt or difficulty come, do not be afraid to ask for help. If we want it as humbly and honestly ... we can get it. The scriptures phrase such earnest desire as being of “real intent,” pursued “with full purpose of heart, acting no hypocrisy and no deception before God.” I testify that in response to that kind of importuning, God will send help from both sides of the veil to strengthen our belief. -Jeffrey R Holland

I know many people are cynical about my religious beliefs, claiming they are too happy go lucky, too depressing, too simplistic, too complicated, that the people running the church are too imperfect, etc. I have had questions, and doubts and I still don't understand it all. I won't claim to understand why the Lord takes people from this life at certain times. But I can say that I know the two above statements are true (although JK Rowling is not an authority of the LDS church).

I don't just hope, I don't just believe, I know. And I am ever grateful for that knowledge, for those words that have made the pains and sorrows of this life easier to bear.

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