Next time you point a finger ...

One of my least favorite things in this world is gossip... celebrity gossip, church pew gossip, gossip among "friends"... you get the idea.

I would like to be able to say that this is because I am naturally kind... but I don't think this is quite it. When you're the new kid over and over again, when your mom has been married four times, when you have younger brothers who are young enough to be your kid (kind of), and you know how to easily become friends with guys... gossip happens, and it happens frequently. Maybe this is a short sided view of things, maybe gossip happens to every young girl, regardless of what is going on in her life. Maybe even that is too near sighted, and maybe it happens to guys as well. But it happened to me, over and over again. It still happens, but as a 25 year old who is much more grounded and secure it somehow doesn't effect me the way it did when I was fifteen or even twenty.

It isn't so much the things that were said, but rather the hateful manner in which people said them. With ever increasing differences in political and social beliefs and with social media as a facade to hide behind it seems to me that hatefulness has increased. People are outright rude to those who do not share their same views, and they think it is okay because they know they are right. How people raise their children, political preferences, GMO foods, and gun control name a few hot topics.

It is easy to become sucked in and I hate to admit I have been once or twice. I have some pretty strong opinions about... well most things, after all it is in my genes. Which is one of the many reasons why at the beginning of 2013 my resolution became one word: Kindness.

Kindness towards friends, family, strangers, those who share my opinions and those who do not. Kindness for those who have wronged me and for myself. Being kind doesn't mean I agree with what you believe or allow myself to be used by you, but it does mean I view you as a child of God who should be treated as such. Each person deserves that much. Does that mean I believe that there are not horrible people who have done horrible things out there? Of course not. It simply means I will not become a horrible person just because they are.

It is almost halfway through the year and I have made improvements in being kind, but I also realize I have a long way to go. Here's to six more months. Here is to kindness.

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