You Could Be Happy. . .

"Its funny how our past frames us. How the person we used to be never lets lose of the person we are. Past failures and disappointments, even victories take hold of us. They haunt us like old ghosts or visit us like old friends"

At first I wrote this quote down because I vehemently disagreed with it, somehow I wanted to remember these words and prove them wrong.

But then I realized... I will always be a girl whose parents got divorced, who lived in over 22 places, who had to grow up at a very young age, who has three mentally ill family members, who was one mad and angst filled teenager, who fell in love with the major I swore I would never have, who dated, then dumped, then was dumped by, then again dated my now husband, who has experienced some truly horrific things, who loves God but has definitely questioned His existence in the past, who has gone from politically ambitious to humanitarian driven, who has experienced every emotion I have had through music, who struggles and thrives each day.

I used to believe that I should be ashamed of my past, I was afraid to tell people what my life was... It was almost as if I tried to edit my history. And as I sit here and think about that I begin to understand that quote a little more.
It isn't that I am labeling myself as a victim or even a survivor. I am simply acknowledging I have a frame, something that brought me to where I am today, it doesn't define me... but I am good with old friends, and maybe even a few hauntings.

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