We ask to look past life as it goes by...

I wrote this last week... and here it is.
Oh goodness... it really has been forever since I have given an update on anything remotely related to our lives. I blame this on a combination of research, finals, a broken elbow, and most recently an allergic reaction that made my face swell up like a balloon and my respiratory system go on a frenzy. I would take a picture but I am not sure the internet can handle the awesomeness of my face... plus I have some dignity left at this point and I would like it to remain intact for a little bit. I guess we will see when I wake up in the morning.

Also, Gabe is out of town on a little adventure with his freshman friends:



As a side note these five guys have a friendship that legends are made of. I somehow don't think that will change when a few of them move away this summer. Maybe their adventures and most definitely their lives will, but there is something to be said for a group of friends who have gone through as many changes as they have and all still ended up loving each person for who they are. I love how much these guys love Gabe, and the ones who are married have brought some pretty amazing women into my life as well.

And back on my sick tangent:
Maybe I wasn't appreciative enough of how much he takes care of me (and now puppy) when I am feeling sick... but I definitely know I am missing everything he did now that I do feel like poop and he isn't around.

But all is well that ends well and I know he is having a blast, and that makes me all kinds of happy.

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