Maybe we'll make it through one more year...

I am currently a permanent substitute teacher for second graders. This experience has been rather enlightening for me. I am really glad that I have been able to be a teacher before I have children of my own who will have teachers. I now understand the sheer craziness of trying to teach math to seventeen kids who all have their own style of learning, attention spans, questions, and level of understanding.
People send their children to school for the majority of the day, entrusting their kids to teachers, I get that. And because of that I have done my best to help these kids learn and grow as individuals. But, I am not the teaching type. For all those people who are, kudos to you. Seriously, it is hard work. And now I can appreciate that.

Gabe is attending his final undergrad semester, doing an internship and juggling two other jobs. He doesn't get home until late most nights and when he does he is exhausted. But he doesn't have to leave until noon and    he for the most part enjoys what he is doing.

It is strange to me that in a month our lives will be completely different in some major ways. College will no longer be our main focus. Backpacks will no longer be our main way of carrying things. Gabe will no longer be able to wear cargo shorts and t-shirts to work. I can't get by in basketball shorts and t-shirts in class.

I will no longer have homework as an excuse to not cook dinner every night. We will have to decide where we want to live based on terms other than closeness to school. Our vacations will no longer be planned around finals. Our budget will no longer include tuition and textbooks.

I'm not complaining... in fact in a lot of ways life will improve. But it is going to be an adjustment. Even if we do end up going to grad school, things will change. More than likely we will be moving. And life will continue at it's seemingly ever increasing speed.

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