Lies We Told Ourselves About the Dog...

1. He will never be on the couch. This was my idea, and for the first few weeks it stuck, but when the wife is away the boys will play, and one weekend when I was gone this is exactly what happened. Right now we settle for him not climbing on the back of the couch like a cat, and I vacuum the couches once a week month... (For the record, the couches have been vacuumed twice since we got the dog)

2. We will walk him every day. How many of you just judged me? That's fine. But when I am majorly cramping, all he gets is a long game of catch in our ridiculously long hallway.

3. He came house trained. No dog comes house trained. Maybe he was house trained for his old house... but when we adopted him he came to a new place, and yes at 7 months he is still learning where to go potty. At least he has it down that he should only go on hard surfaces. Our floors have never been cleaner.

4. I won't be one of those people who relentlessly posts pictures of my dog on Instagram. Of course I do... I wouldn't want to deny the rest of the world his cuteness... and everyone loves it... right... ?

I am interested to see the version of this list when it comes to our kids... you know, the human ones.

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