But don't forget. . .

I had an interesting text conversation with my mother yesterday. Because she is/was a nurse, on top of being my mom she has become my own specialized WebMD of sorts. I was asking her about the migraines I have been having the past week...

Mum: Are you being exposed to something new u may be allergic to?
Me: Children. I am allergic to children.

(**See this post about my "teaching" experience to explain the children comment)

She still hasn't responded.

As with most mother-daughter relationships my mother and I have had our ups and downs. We have different styles and views on children, graduate school and the Twilight series. But, one of the main reasons I have such strong convictions is because of my mother.

She taught me to stand up for what I believe in and for myself. She taught me that being a woman doesn't mean you are to be fragile and quiet, but rather it means you have a responsibility to be strong and a force in this world

In high school I am almost certain she cursed herself for teaching me this, because I argued with her about almost everything. But, as I made my way through some really difficult life lessons, I am so grateful I was taught those strengths at a young age.

On this day that we celebrate mothers, what they do, and who they are I would just like to say thank you to my mother for this life lesson, among many others. I may not be a mother myself, but I as a daughter I can appreciate how important my mother's love and care is to my life, and what a difference it has made.  

Circa 2009... Isn't she beautiful.

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