The moment I can see it...

The other night Gabe and I got into an argument... mostly we were both really frustrated that the puppy decided he didn't like his nails being trimmed and peed all over a favorite quilt, the couch and me.

And as much as I hate fights one thing I like about arguing with Gabe is that about 95% of the time we get constructive feed back from the other person  (the other 5% it is ever apparent that I married the only person on this earth as stubborn as I am).

While we were talking about our frustrations I asked the question "Are we putting effort into our marriage?" 

I have thought about that question a lot today and I think some change is in order... so here are some questions I asked myself and honestly answered.

What are my top  priorities? (in the order I want them to be)
God, my husband, school/work, family and friends, me

What am I currently spending most of my time on? 
I work as much as I can... then there is homework and the paper I am publishing.... then comes my spiritual stuff... then comes Gabe ... the dog... and house cleaning....

I didn't like that answer... at all. What I spend my time on has not been reflecting my priorities. I need to be better. 

What can I do to better free up my time?
Disconnect from the internet more often... recognize my perfectionist tendencies and tone them down a bit... put first things first: read scriptures when I first wake instead of when I am going to bed, make time for exercise,do the dishes before they no longer fit in the sink...

How will I make the most of my time spent with Gabe?

Unplug when we are together, dress up for dates again: not because he cares but because I like who I am more when I have put time into me, be spontaneous again, uhh actually go on dates again...

Sometimes I think it would be really convenient if as humans we had a reset button... but then again I guess that would be all too easy.

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