Can you hear the crowd...

**I wrote this a few weeks ago, before I tripped and fell while running with said puppy**

It is 4am... Puppy got stuck behind the dryer in the laundry room so he is cuddled up next to me... on the floor. He loves it, I wonder if it is the best idea. But, I am too tired to care and I refuse to lay on the cement floor of the laundry room. I was googling how to potty train your dog and realized I'm not coherent enough to read right now. It is moments like this when I think "Why did we get a puppy ?" And then he reaches out his little paw and sets it on my arm... and I know.

I was never a dog person, my grandma had a dog, Pepper, and I remember trying to make her fly by standing on my grandparent's bed and dropping her off, watching in horror and she limped off yelping... and then lying about what happened. I was 7... but from then on I wasn't a huge dog person, unless it was Pepper, the dog who never flew.

So when we got this little guy I was a bit surprised by how much he melted my heart. But I love him.

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