Run, baby run...

I have been really out of shape and so recently I started working out again. 

There are some days I drag myself to the gym, get on the elliptical and concentrate on listening to music or finishing my reading for a class. Then I do a few reps on a few machines and call it good. I keep checking the clock, seeing how much time has passed because I really want to just be finished with this task I know I must do. 

And then there are days when I go to the gym with the mindset that I am going to get something out of this, I am going to do my best and through it I will become better and stronger; better in shape and stronger in mind and body. Those are the days I push a little further and things really happen. 

Those are the days when the next morning I wake up sore, with lactic acid stored up in my muscles. Those are the days I really tear down my muscles so I can build them up again. My work outs do not become about losing weight, but rather they become about pushing myself to the limits, in order to become a stronger, better version of me. 

I was thinking about this as an analogy the other day, in terms of trials, in terms of getting an education, in terms of life in general. 

Do I drag myself through life? Do I bemoan my trials so much that I miss the point? Am I so focused on getting that grade, that I forgo the education that I have worked so hard for?

The thing about going to the gym is that whether I do my best or my worst I can still come out changed, but it takes a lot longer to see results if I don't dedicate myself to the work. Even more than that I will never reach my full potential if I am fine with the minimum work every day. But, some days dragging myself to the gym is all I can muster. Other days, I am proud of myself for getting through the day, the gym no where in my mind. But as long as most days I go to the gym and put in my best effort, every so often I am fine with reading a book while on the elliptical, or a long hot bath instead. 

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