Where the West was all but won. . .

I got a text the other day that said this:
"Hey just a friendly reminder, you haven't blogged in awhile. That is all."

It made me smile. We have been incredibly busy the last few weeks and while it makes time go by quickly, it seems like days that are that full become two or three by the time I go to bed.

Gabe shaved off his beard and is wearing contacts. 

It is so weird to see him without a beard. Apparently, his professors think so as well, one of them stopped mid-lecture to comment on it.

I realized I cannot do everything and quit my internship and put my online classes on hold. It felt good to not be running everywhere all the time. I have time to exercise and time to sleep. My house doesn't look like a war zone all the time and Gabe isn't the only one doing laundry. I love it. I don't know what it was so difficult for me to let go of doing everything, it seemed like busy was a habit. If I didn't have tons going on in my life I felt like in some way I wasn't accomplishing things.

But today I am going to be able to go the gym for an entire hour, I actually wrapped Gabe's Valentine's day presents... uhh the fact that I have even put together Gabe's Valentine's day present is pretty great. Maybe slowing things down isn't such a bad idea. And for the times that I feel like I need to be busier? There are always rooms in our house to go through and organize before we graduate, online classes to do and someone in my life probably needs some TLC.

And maybe I can capture a few more moments like this:

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