Be not afraid of who you really are...

When I was younger I used to hate that I moved around so much, especially when it came to nostalgic things that I felt removed from.

When I came to college, there was one of those 'introduce yourself with your name and something interesting about you' events and I decided it was interesting that I had never lived in one place for more than a few years. Much to my surprise, some people found that interesting too...

I have come to love that I moved around so much. As we get ready to graduate and move out into post-undergrad world I am ready to embrace the change.

A few other examples of things I used to avoid but now embrace...
My freckles
I have an opinion about things that are important to me
I am completely vulnerable when it comes to Gabe, and I trust him with that
That red tint in my hair that will not go away no matter what color of dye is used
I will never be completely tom boy, or completely fashionable but I am fine with a mix of both

Some other things I love about me...
I like shopping... for shoes... but that's about it
I believe in God, this has made my life exponentially better
I am really good at giving advice
I love quotes... and books... and the written word
Music really is my therapy
My family will always come first. Gabe is my family.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow... and it is all about love.
What do you love about yourself?

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