Hit the ground running...

This year for New Year's Eve we went over to the Kerr's house and hung out with a few couples and Ashley's cousin who was away from his wife and baby for the holiday. In true Kerr form, it was a lot of fun.

We ate lots of food (Jordan's face here was too great to pass up)

we played some new games (Kyle is giving instructions)

and cuddled and were cheesy

and drank sparkling cider and played some Bang

the first kiss of the New Year

on our way home Gabe found a giant icicle 

and the next morning we had to wake up bright and early to pick people up from the airport

but with a view like this I wasn't complaining

We have enjoyed 2013 so far, even though we have been incredibly busy
with birthday parties

adorable babies and their amazing sidekicks

and moving this goober into his first very own college apartment

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