A perfect day...

Every once in awhile I will have a perfect day, one where it seems like the air permeates with an energy, where I am spending time with people I love and I get that feeling a child gets, security mixed with a streak of invincibility, that makes me want to giggle with delight.
Monday was one of those days. The sky was this incredible blue and the weather was perfect with a slight chill. We made spur of the moment plans and went sledding with some of our favorite people.

 Around 4:30 we decided to do one last run before calling it quits... the Thompsons on one tube, Gabe and I on another and Alyssa watching from the top of the hill. And of course half way down Taylor fell off, Andy slid a little further down the hill and Gabe and I slammed into him. I definitely felt a crunch. I am not sure if it was Andy's back or Gabe's glasses. Everyone is fine, Andy and I were laughing so hard that we had a difficult time getting up (and maybe Andy had just had two people ram into him). Gabe's glasses were the main casualty of the day, with a side of a sprained wrist. But even that wasn't bad.
We went to get new glasses, where he tried on a dozen pairs...
 then we found out he has a slight astigmatism and contacts would fix the problem. So contacts it is.
 We came home that night exhausted, ate some Chinese, finished up some homework, and crawled into bed. A perfect day.

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