Thursday, January 24, 2013

Icy Playlist

I don't know what it is about dismal weather that makes me want to make a playlist... but here is today's:

Honestly - Kelly Clarkson
The Sunken Cathedral - Claude Debussy
Falling - Yiruma
Embers - Just Jack
Run - Snow Patrol (this song is on almost all rainy day playlists)
Locked Up - Ingrid Michaelson
When You Say You Love Me - Josh Groban
With or Without You - U2
My Name is Jonas - Weezer
Luck Be a Lady - Frank Sinatra
Hey Ya! - Matt Weddle
Champagne Supernova - Matt Pond PA

A perfect day...

Every once in awhile I will have a perfect day, one where it seems like the air permeates with an energy, where I am spending time with people I love and I get that feeling a child gets, security mixed with a streak of invincibility, that makes me want to giggle with delight.
Monday was one of those days. The sky was this incredible blue and the weather was perfect with a slight chill. We made spur of the moment plans and went sledding with some of our favorite people.

 Around 4:30 we decided to do one last run before calling it quits... the Thompsons on one tube, Gabe and I on another and Alyssa watching from the top of the hill. And of course half way down Taylor fell off, Andy slid a little further down the hill and Gabe and I slammed into him. I definitely felt a crunch. I am not sure if it was Andy's back or Gabe's glasses. Everyone is fine, Andy and I were laughing so hard that we had a difficult time getting up (and maybe Andy had just had two people ram into him). Gabe's glasses were the main casualty of the day, with a side of a sprained wrist. But even that wasn't bad.
We went to get new glasses, where he tried on a dozen pairs...
 then we found out he has a slight astigmatism and contacts would fix the problem. So contacts it is.
 We came home that night exhausted, ate some Chinese, finished up some homework, and crawled into bed. A perfect day.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hit the ground running...

This year for New Year's Eve we went over to the Kerr's house and hung out with a few couples and Ashley's cousin who was away from his wife and baby for the holiday. In true Kerr form, it was a lot of fun.

We ate lots of food (Jordan's face here was too great to pass up)

we played some new games (Kyle is giving instructions)

and cuddled and were cheesy

and drank sparkling cider and played some Bang

the first kiss of the New Year

on our way home Gabe found a giant icicle 

and the next morning we had to wake up bright and early to pick people up from the airport

but with a view like this I wasn't complaining

We have enjoyed 2013 so far, even though we have been incredibly busy
with birthday parties

adorable babies and their amazing sidekicks

and moving this goober into his first very own college apartment

Thoughts from Yesterday...

I am currently sitting at home sick, sneezing every 30 seconds or so, with a huge pile of tissues (some used, some waiting to be used) next to me. Gabe let me sleep in this morning and when I got up to get ready he informed me that he had already text my boss telling him I was sick. Bless that man. He is usually all about me taking some Dayquil and then going about my day. But, he knows when I need a break and I am so grateful that he is willing to let me take it.

Now here is the ridiculous part: even though I am at home, supposed to be resting, I feel the need to be doing something. I am sick. I need to lay here and be sick. I shouldn't be doing dishes, cleaning up the living room, or getting ahead on next week's readings. I should allow myself to be sick.

But instead here I am, slowly getting ready to head to three classes...