What the World Needs Now...

I really struggled with what to think or say with what happened in Connecticut last week, I think more than anything it was difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that this really happened, in America, to little innocent children and those protecting them.

There are so many videos floating around about the shooting itself, political motivation to stop future happenings, the reaction of families etc. I really appreciate the kindness and love expressed in some of those videos and it hurts to think that people could be so hateful about this event and those families who have lost so much.

These two videos are easily the two I agree with most. While I fully believe in the Savior Jesus Christ, one of the children who was killed is Jewish and I hope we remember to respect his beliefs as well, not because it is the politically correct thing to do but because his family deserves that.

And this, from the father of a victim "let it not turn into something that defines us"

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