2012 ... When the World Didn't End

Five Things the Eatons Learned in 2012

 5 We have to make time for the things that are to be enjoyed
Some nights this year we would come home so exhausted that we would eat a quick dinner and then just sit, until it was time for bed. We quickly figured out that this pattern is more draining than relaxing and that isn't how living life is meant to be. So we made plans, slept a little less and enjoyed a lot more. [song references here and here]

 4 Laughing at inappropriate times is one of our specialties 
From the most serious to the saddest moments Gabe and I learned we deal with things the best through laughter. So please don't judge us if you see us laughing at a funeral or sad stories on the nightly news [song references here and here]

3 We are really good at taking road trips
This year we traveled like gypsies in blizzards, dust storms and Mojave Desert rain... in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah and Idaho, by ourselves and with friends. We have found the formula to a perfect playlist and had the most random stops along the way [song references here and here]

 2 Continuing to do something just because you're in the middle of it is stupid
Both Gabe and I were taught at a young age that you follow through with commitments. So  this year when we were faced with challenges we tried our best to do just that, even to our detriment. And then we realized that sometimes being a quitter really is a good idea. Gabe switched majors and we moved back from Texas early, and even though that changed some of our plans it also made up for a few of the messes we got ourselves into. [song references here and here]

1 Unexpected life changes can turn out better than the best laid plans
[Heather's pick here and Gabe's here]

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