The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows...

My Husband... what a stud.
In one of the food science labs this weekend

The other day I read a friend's blog post about "stupid husband syndrome" that media loves portraying, which just happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves. By no means is Gabe perfect, but he knows that. More than that, I know how imperfect I am, and you don't see him flaunting that to the world (no matter how many times he asks me to please hang my towel up and not leave it on the counter).

This semester we are both taking 18 credits and working part time. Why you might ask? I think we may be a little crazy, plus we both have senioritis and simply want to graduate. But, Gabe is currently taking three 4 credit classes which makes my schedule, which includes an internship and research with a professor, pale in comparison.

Last night I couldn't sleep... so I watched nostalgic music videos as I heard Gabe typing away in the living room. Somewhere in there I did fall asleep and I woke up at 5am this morning snuggled up to my phone... and no Husband. He was still in the living room finishing up a paper. He works so hard on his school work and then still makes time for us. He comes up with the best music and then shares it with me. He gets wild ideas of late night adventures and about half the time we follow through accompanied by lots of laughter.

So I would have to say Gabe is pretty amazing.

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