Breathe it in and I can see...

October was an extremely busy month for us, which is why I have failed to blog anything about our current life as of late. So here is an attempt at catching up with an onslaught of pictures and maybe a few words here and there.

This is one of my classes learning how to measure brain waves, easily my favorite class this semester

Gabe fixed Emily's car on the side of the highway...

We watched General Conference with Gary and Liz

We did a lot of driving this past month, this was one of the gorgeous views we saw... even if my phone camera doesn't do it justice

The Rexburg Idaho LDS Temple

With some handsome men in front of it...

One of the few normal pictures of Gabe and I

My favorite bridesmaid at Alyssa's wedding

The gang at Alyssa's wedding

The only picture I took of Jeremy and Alyssa the entire day

I love a good autumn storm
 I went down to the Senior World Games in St George where I helped with health screenings. Half of one day was spent making the elderly bleed... and just for the record the men were much bigger babies about the whole ordeal
 Our fearless leader  No Rules Rilla

The St George LDS temple
 A beautiful sunset seen from our house
 Angela and I went to the Awful Waffle to catch up
 where they have a delicious punpkin belgian waffle ...
 We also carved pumpkins
 With the lovely Thompsons
 The men talking carving strategy...
 Andy was a little excited about it all
 I am in love with all the colorful leaves as I walk around campus
 And rainy drives on the way to places
 this gorgeous view is what I get to see on a daily basis
 And I volunteered at the ARC quite a bit this month ( it is required for a class but I really do love it)
 My Dobby pumpkin
 One day night Gabe decided he needed to try on a Neiman Marcus fur coat... (I love the beard no matter what he is wearing)
And that was pretty much our October...

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