Two Bare Feet on the Dashboard. . .

After we came back from Texas Gabe and I made a summer bucket list... we realized that since we didn't have to work nearly as much there was so much more time on our hands.

It was short and sweet but would ensure at least a few fun days
-skydiving (indoors)
-mini golf (Gabe is a little obsessed)

On the way back from Kansas late one night I got an email from Groupon that was less for more than half off indoor skydiving. I somehow convinced Gabe it was a good idea and he let me buy it on the spot. I was soo excited. I have been planning to go skydiving with Gabe before we were even entertaining the idea of getting married but I knew it would take lots of convincing. Indoor skydiving seemed like the best gateway to actual skydiving and it turned out I was right. We had so much fun in the wind tunnel where we twisted and turned falling at over 60 miles per hour.

Mini golf is one of Gabe's favorite date nights and so when we got two Pass of All Passes (such a great investment) it was easy to go a few times throughout this summer.

It was the last week of summer and we had yet to go hiking or to Moab when our friend Jordan text us asking if we wanted to head down to Moab to go hiking the last Saturday before school started.

It was a fabulous way to end the summer. We ate lunch at a local brewery and then headed up to the Double Arches for a hike. On the three hour ride home it stormed as we soaked in our last few hours of summer

The drive into MOAB

A dinosaur and fossil store

Gabe about halfway through the hike

The Double Arch

The storm

And I stretched out in the back seat

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