Psych you out in the end...

Psych is one of our favorite TV shows, one of those we can have playing in the background while doing schoolwork or sometimes we will watch an episode or two on the weekends before we go to bed. I know some people find the show extremely annoying, but we love it.

The show is set in Santa Barbara and while the show is shot mostly in Canada there are panoramic views of the city throughout the show. Gabe and I are big enough nerds that we were fairly excited to see the actual Santa Barbara Police Department

Gabe's Psych pose

Gabe is innately afraid of getting in trouble or arrested while traveling (which balances out my lackadaisical attitude about the whole thing) so it was a little funny that while we were taking this picture the chief of police walked over to see what it was we were doing and asked if we would like to pose with him... so we did

And for good measure we got a shot of us in front of the sign

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