Isn't It Nice to Know that [You're] Golden

My little brother came out to visit us a few weeks ago past. That kid is so fun and so kind. We really enjoyed having him here.

We celebrated the first BYU football game of the season

He played Smash Bros with the guys

We ate "BYU" pizza

and we showed John the largest ice cream cone he will ever eat

and he even let me take him shopping (apparently these are THE cool shoes to have right now)

We went to the BYU Museum of Art where there is a special Islamic exhibit, this is what John wrote in the guest book about it.

There were also plenty of fun things to do at the Andy Warhol exhibit

and then we visited the BYU Hall of Fame

Sunday we ate at my visiting teacher's house, my little brother has some pretty fantastic manners if I do say so myself.

Monday was Labor Day which meant a snowball fight (with ice cream) and our last day with John.

We then introduced him to In-n-Out

and made some Butterbeer

John found a bunch of change outside, and asked if he could have it. However, when we came home the day he left we found this:

He is such a sweet and amazing kid. It was a blast to have him around, hopefully it will happen again sooner than later.

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