Final California Post

Sunday morning after packing our bags we went to a random ward and headed to visit some of our favorite Kansas friends who are stationed in California with the Marines. They have two adorable little boys and we stayed much longer than anticipated. But we enjoyed it a lot and wouldn't have spent that time doing anything else.

Then we headed to Simi Valley to visit the amazing Binghams.

 They are fantastic people and I loved meeting them and getting to know them a little more after all the stories from Gabe's mission. The family is from Great Britain and I was mesmerized by their accents and the stories they told, and their cute little rescue dogs who were so sweet. Oh and Sister Bingham makes a mean baked good, a really really mean baked good. I am not a huge sweets sort of girl and when I do eat them it is usually in small amounts... I ate half the cookies she gave us on the way to the hotel. Soo good.

We once again left far too late.. and ended up at The Glenn Tavern Inn that is rumored to be haunted. When we walked in it was a little creepy, there was no attendant at the desk and the lights were all turned down low. I have read way too many scary books and my imagination tends to run, especially at night. So I was a little more than freaked out when we walked upstairs (the desk had a note that said to go to room 224 if you have any questions... not creepy at all) and there is Jack Nicholson with his creepy smile from The Shining on a giant poster.

But, the room was amazing and well worth it. During the day it wasn't nearly as creepy.

The next few days we toured around, watched some Shark Week and visited some of Gabe's favorite places.

The Santa Barbara Court House, it is gorgeous there
Sushi on the shore
You are what you eat... Gabe is eating the "sexy beast" roll

 Downtown Santa Barbara, reminded me of Harry Potter

 The amazing view from the top of the bell tower

 Dewar's Candy and Soda Shoppe
 The clock at the bell tower
 We get awkward in pictures
 Even the tile at the courthouse was amazing

 California fashion at The Habit
 Amazing food at The Habit: halibut for me and a double burger for Husband
 Gabe showing me one of his mission apartments
 More of Dewar's deliciousness
 A random stop on the way home
 The sky was so blue

 Late night excursions to the sea
 Chocolate made with honey

 I have become a little addicted to gyros as of late, this was a local favorite of Gabe's

 It was nice to not have a schedule or set time as to when we wanted to be home. Our actual anniversary was spent driving home. Road trips are one of my favorite things to do with Gabe and this one was no exception.

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