We seem to have the world here in our hands

About 95% of the time I loved growing up with a little sister (the other 5% goes to jealousy, fights about our shared room and high school drama...)

She was this cute little ballerina, who everyone adored. But to me she was my confidant, one of the few people who (eventually) shared my taste in music in our small town, my second closet, a self esteem boost, and a built in best friend.

In high school we would spend hours creating these ridiculous mix tapes... CDs... whatever. That we would in turn listen to on our way to seminary, school and anywhere else at high volumes. One thing I loved about living in the country was driving everywhere gave me plenty of time for thinking and music. Most of the time I was driving somewhere it was with Emily in tow and one of our favorite soundtracks has always been Yellowcard.

Their first few albums were just the beginning of my teenage angst when I listened to quite a bit of punk influenced by my much cooler older brother. At this point Emily was still into boy bands and Destiny's Child (no judging, I am probably the one who got her started on those too).

But then The Underdog EP came out and something clicked. Our favorite song was Powder (which some would consider a horrible song because it is about cocaine/heroin...I'm not sure which. I will stick to the argument I gave to my mom: it is about the ill effects of drugs and is a lesson in and of itself, which argument is supported by the music video)

And then Ocean Avenue came out... and on a week long visit to Utah, when my sister showed me just how loyal she is, that was the only album we listened to... and listened to... for months.

Lights and Sounds was our soundtrack as our family moved to Alaska and I went to college. We once again shared a room for the first time in years. But instead of constantly fighting, we really enjoyed it.

Paper Walls emerged during one of my most difficult summers... and sharing it with Emily made a huge difference.

And when When You're Through Thinking Say Yes came out last year even though my sister and I might have been further apart than ever (even though she lived in the same town) this album still had meaning to us.

Now that Southern Air has arrived I am soo excited to pick her up from the airport on Thursday and listen to it windows down, volume up.

So we can have many more moments like this:

Isn't she lovely?

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