California Part 2

Friday morning we woke up to homemade waffles, after showers and packing everything up we headed to the church to help set up for the reception. There were so many white table clothes and chair covers... but the effect was pretty.

After that it was lunch and driving down to La Jolla to check in and then go to the beach. Gabe had been anxious to visit the beach all day since he had never been in the ocean before. We all piled into James' RAV and off we went. James was almost out of gas and the back seat was increasingly noisy and a little squished. I love being a girl :) They let me sit in the front passenger seat all to myself.

As we got closer to the beach the scenery became more and more fun. We found a gas station. There were little surf, organic food and coffee shops everywhere. People were so laid back about traffic which was a fresh break from some of the Utah crazies. The ocean was gorgeous and seemed to be calling to us.

We arrived at the beach house that was being rented out for that night's festivities and piled out. After a few introductions and hellos it was down to the beach. We had to climb down a few cliffs to get to the water but it was worth it. The water was salty, and Gabe was like a small child running out into the freezing cold water a little too enthusiastically. Love him. So much.

This was after the water was a little too cold, and of course there is Andy in the background

We 'rode the waves' as James called it for maybe a half hour before we retreated back to the warm waters and wafting smells of the beach house. Taylor's nieces and nephew were all adorable and wanted to play. So we did, for hours.

(Gabe is under James, prepping for round two of a chicken fight)

A few of us retreated to the sauna and soon plans were being solidified for Andy's somewhat impromptu bachelor party.

We drove back to the hotel where I gladly drove our car back to Gabe and I's room while the men went out to do manly things.

Meanwhile Lyss and Jordan were driving down from the LA airport. By the time they arrived the guys were all asleep and I was ready to once again pass out.

Until I saw a big fat diamond ring on Alyssa's finger.

We stayed up later than we should have discussing all the details of the proposal, while Gabe climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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