California 2012 Day 1

I have been meaning to write about our California trip on here ever since we got back... and now that I finally unpacked our bags last night (yeah, I have still be living out of a suitcase for a week, impressive I know) I want to get it all down before I forget the details.

We left on Thursday morning after showers and a last minute stop by work. We hit Vegas by lunch and arrived in San Diego before rush hour traffic. When we got to our hotel (such a loose term) things got a bit scary, we were in a horrible part of town, there was some sort of bug infesting the room and our towels were in a nice wet pile on the air conditioner. Thankfully, our friend Andy's soon to be in-laws came to the rescue and were nice enough to let us stay at their house that night. It was almost a two hour drive up to their house

which gave us plenty of time to get a refund on the room (definitely booking with Expedia again) and get the rest of the weekend stays situated.

When we got there, dinner was made: homemade burgers topped with fresh veggies from the garden. Seriously fantastic.

That night while Andy's fiance Taylor was having her bachelorette party we went to meet Andy's family. They are kind of incredible and definitely unique. So many things about them explained Andy's quirks and mannerisms. I love to sit back and watch families interact and show love towards one another in their different ways. His family was no exception.

On the way back to Taylor's we showed Andy Jack in the Box for the first time (I have never seen someone with such a fast metabolism, this guy eats all the time). I passed out on the way back and everything else from that evening is somewhat hazy past sleeping in a comfy, clean bed.

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