Confetti falling down all night...

I am in a particularly good mood today, due in part to the fact that I spent yesterday was my favorite holiday and also that there are so many looming storm clouds outside my office window and maybe because I finally have the big details of our summer vacation planned and probably because I have a fantastic husband.

Yesterday morning wasn't terribly eventful... Gabe went for an early morning run, I ran to the grocery store, Emily locked her keys out of her car and luckily had just given us a spare key. I once again embraced my love of yoga and after another trip to the store my love of naps in a dark room with a fan directly on me. Maybe I didn't wake up from my nap until almost 5pm... maybe I was barefoot for a majority of the day.

I headed over to where Gabe and Gary were finishing up the final touches on grilling while the sweat trickled down my back and I enjoyed what felt like baking in the partial shade.

dinner was delicious, the corn on the cob might have been my favorite

and then there were pinatas

the kids weren't running to grab candy... but the body parts of Winnie the Pooh and Elmo... 

Which they wore as helmets

A little girl randomly came and sat on my lap... and stayed for a few hours

While we played games with friends and tried to keep small children from jumping off the trampoline

There was homemade ice cream and Tron wars, inspired by glow sticks

I sat on the picnic bench on a back porch with a little guy on my lap and another cutie next to me who were laughing with delight as they watched the fireworks spring into action. Gabe was sitting next to me and I loved every minute of it.

As we dragged ourselves home and into bed I looked back at the night, and at my dirty feet thinking this is how I love spending my summer days...

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