Monday, July 30, 2012

I feel loved, I'm burning like a fuse

We have been pretty busy as of late... aside from the normal work and school that is our life.

Two weekends ago we went indoor skydiving in Ogden and had a barbecue at James' parent's house. The skydiving was so much fun! It was almost like a roller coaster with no restraints, flying 50 feet into the sky and plunging back down to be caught by an air current. Gabe says he is willing to try skydiving after that, and I have started looking into coupons and places. The evening turned out to be hours of swimming, Cansasta, good food and some of the best company. As we drove home late that night, everyone calling to check on one another after a wreck on the highway, Gabe and I talked about anything and everything... catching up with each other's lives (because work and life does that to us) and for a moment it was like a glimpse from our Freshman year of college.

Last Monday, I went to SLC to get my hair done and wound up eating dinner with one of my favorite red heads, his adorable awesome (14 year-olds are far too old for adorable) little brother and my all time favorite hair stylist and her sidekick. The only thing that would have made it better was if Gabe could have got off work... Hopefully next time.

Pioneer Day started off with me finally getting certified as a SAF (Service to the Armed Forces) member at the Red Cross and Gabe going for a run. Next stop was the water park and me needlessly injuring myself. We ended the night cuddled up to watch Dark Night Rises. It was good, but my favorite part was walking out of the theater to watch a sky lit up with fireworks. I am a sucker for an excellent firework show, especially when it coincides with normal happenings in my life. There is something about the pops and bursts of light that make life seem magical.

This past weekend was full of baby showers, and lost phones, and trying delicious food from a used-to-be gas station and Butterbeer snow cones. I got the nerve up to paint our dresser but didn't have the time. I really want to finish it before the school year has started so maybe I will put it on my to-do list this weekend...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back

My grandmother's will reads "Keep the good stuff, throw away the junk" which someone lovingly stitched onto a pillow for my mother that was made from various scraps of my Momo's (grandma) clothing. I remember running my fingers across that pillow, feeling the scratchy polyester, smooth silk-like material and thinning cotton.

I remember thinking of that saying as I was packing for whatever adventure laid ahead numerous times.

I recall it as I study marriage and family therapy.

I think about it as I stumble awkwardly through social experiences.

I repeat it as we revamp our schedule for the coming semester.

I etch it in my mind as disappointment comes in what seems like waves as of late.

And then I move on.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collapse into me, tired with joy

This past weekend was full.

Full of dinners and hanging out with our favorite next door neighbors, and a birthday party and 80s movie watching and friends and attempting to make cupcakes until 3 in the morning because my dyslexic self read 1/2 cup as 2 1/2 cups of milk

and meeting in the middle, at a little shop in Draper

and volunteering at a Red Cross Glee-like concert

and rejuvenation from the gospel of Christ

and Super Mario on Wii....

Full of love and laughter and friends and family, memories and a few what the... moments.

My favorite part of the weekend was that I spent most of it with Gabe. During the week it seems all we do is eat lunch together and so the weekend was kind of fantastic with him by my side.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Tuesday I ditched took time off work to hang out with my little sister before she headed off on one of her adventures. We jumped into a pool, and got a little burned, and she told me all about a sci-fi series she is reading. Then it was time to pack up all her stuff and head to the airport. We may or may not have stopped for nachos and fish tacos on the way.

Last week we took hours to search for the perfect dress and shoes for her bestie's wedding.

I love having my sister back in my life and will miss her while she's gone.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Confetti falling down all night...

I am in a particularly good mood today, due in part to the fact that I spent yesterday was my favorite holiday and also that there are so many looming storm clouds outside my office window and maybe because I finally have the big details of our summer vacation planned and probably because I have a fantastic husband.

Yesterday morning wasn't terribly eventful... Gabe went for an early morning run, I ran to the grocery store, Emily locked her keys out of her car and luckily had just given us a spare key. I once again embraced my love of yoga and after another trip to the store my love of naps in a dark room with a fan directly on me. Maybe I didn't wake up from my nap until almost 5pm... maybe I was barefoot for a majority of the day.

I headed over to where Gabe and Gary were finishing up the final touches on grilling while the sweat trickled down my back and I enjoyed what felt like baking in the partial shade.

dinner was delicious, the corn on the cob might have been my favorite

and then there were pinatas

the kids weren't running to grab candy... but the body parts of Winnie the Pooh and Elmo... 

Which they wore as helmets

A little girl randomly came and sat on my lap... and stayed for a few hours

While we played games with friends and tried to keep small children from jumping off the trampoline

There was homemade ice cream and Tron wars, inspired by glow sticks

I sat on the picnic bench on a back porch with a little guy on my lap and another cutie next to me who were laughing with delight as they watched the fireworks spring into action. Gabe was sitting next to me and I loved every minute of it.

As we dragged ourselves home and into bed I looked back at the night, and at my dirty feet thinking this is how I love spending my summer days...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

All the familiar places...

When it rains I have a few ideals:
-curl up with a good book
-going for a run
-a fantastic playlist

and since I am stuck at work for at least five more hours I decided the playlist was the way to go, and hopefully the other two will happen when I get home

1.She's My Kind of Rain -Tim McGraw
2. For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti -Sufjan Stevens
3. A River Flows in You -Yiruma
4. Run -Snow Patrol
5. Sweet Disposition -Temper Trap
6. Blue in Green -Miles Davis
7. Statues -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt. 2 (sorry I don't the actual composer)
8. Best of You (acoustic) -Foo Fighters
9. The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows -Brand New
10. Hey Ya -Matt Weddle
11. Make You Feel My Love -Pick your favorite artist... I listened to a few versions, which led me to this little piece
12. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover) -here
13. I'll Be Seeing You -Billie Holiday

 I like it...