T-bone Tom's and all things Kemah

T-bone Tom's was on Gabe and I's bucket list for two reasons:
1. My cousins Sarah and Dusty worked there through high school and said it was delicious
2. We wanted to eat at a place that was featured on Drive Ins, Diners and Dives

These are called Armadillo Eggs, they are jalapenos stuffed with pulled pork and then deep friend in batter. I ate one and was full. Gabe couldn't even finish them off. 

The sausage sandwich, suggested by Guy Fieri
 This BLT seemed like it had an entire pig in it...
 They say everything is bigger in Texas... this cup was huge
 wall art of the Kemah bay back in it's earlier days
 and in true Texas form...
 We were definitely not let down, although it was a little too much meat for my taste. Next time we go I think I will just order a huge side of potato salad (which was by far my favorite part).

Another great thing about this place is it's location, right next to the ocean and Kemah Boardwalk.

 Okay, so the last time I went to the boardwalk I think I was maybe 11 and it seemed a lot bigger, and I forgot that the best time to go is at night, when it is dark, not early in the morning. However, for me this was more nostalgia than anything, and I loved walking around telling Gabe and remembering random events and places with my family.

I also convinced Gabe to ride on his first roller coaster in over two years. He enjoyed it.

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