So if I were you, I'd have a little trust...

Oklahoma also consisted of
Huck Finn

my favorite Popo

and running around trying to do what my mom does everyday. It is exhausting, but oh so fun

homemade whole wheat bread

legos with the only kid who isn't "too old" to play with them

hanging out at the boy's baseball games

(proud sister moment, my little brother just made an awesome hit)

for some reason the teenagers in our family tend to write on themselves (ok, so maybe I still jot down a few things on a hand from time to time) but Adam is no exception, much to my mother's annoyance
we also stayed up late watching Dr Who with this kid a few times. 

after Prom and Oklahoma but before good ol' Provo there was Kansas... and as much as I ran to get away from there after high school (I think I left the week after graduation) I love going back for a little bit.

There was plenty of scenery

Gabe made some new friends

we stayed up way too late...

I got to see one of my best friends from high school marry the love of her life

we stopped by Russell Stover's for some tasty treats

and even though the trip home was a bit long 

and a little rainy,

 it was very much enjoyed.

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