Slow down... this night's a perfect shade of...

Tuesday Gabe finally got his beard card (at BYU you have to have a medical or religious reason for a beard, he has the former) and so I text everyone coming to our dinner party and invited them to show up with a beard. James came sporting some genuine facial hair while Jordan and Ashley brought what looked like a Santa Clause beard and a fu manchu

(it kind of looked like this, I failed to take any pictures)

It was fantastic.

Ashley helped me with final dinner prep and we managed to tag team some garlic bread that was a little more than well done. The boys (James, Gabe and Jordan at this point) ran to the store for some last minute ingredients and when Jeremy and Lyss showed up we sat down for a wonderful dinner with conversation on crazy Russian soccer games and the delicious food.

We ended up playing some catch phrase and talking about dead pets, Ghost Writer, politics, my biased opinion of the Thunder and an array of other topics. We ate homemade ice cream and caught up on each other's lives.As the night wound down there was James and the Eatons left and as always a great discussion ensued. 

I love the Freshman boys as I call them (even if Lyss is endearingly included in that group). All of them met freshman year in the dorms, I came along when Gabe offered to give me a tour of campus and then again when we started dating.

We have all kind of become adults together... are still becoming adults together, there have been a few people added, a few people have gone their own way... But we are all still pretty intact in our busy lives.

As time goes on I hope that remains, that we have the privilege of knowing these people for the rest of our lives and then some.

Dinner Menu
French's Chicken (although I changed this up and used rice flour, and added some pepper and garlic powder to the egg mixture, it worked great)
Oven Roasted Asparagus
Alyssa's Salad
Garlic Bread
Mojito and Appletini mocktails

Dessert consisted of homemade ice cream, the recipe asked for sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk but it produced more of a drink like mixture and while it was very tasty after further investigation I discovered it is best with sweetened condensed milk only. Like the 'recipe' here

As always... I need to take more pictures...

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