my life would suck without you...

 Life has been a whirlwind since we got back and rather than bore you with all the responsible details here is what we have done in our free time.

The night we got back Gabe's brother Gary and his wife Elizabeth brought us dinner and helped us unload everything. It was a total surprise and we were so grateful after our 15 hour trip.

Our friend James came back from an internship in London just in time to join in on our Friday night festivities, we ate pitas and played mini golf. By the time our second game came around we ended up trying to see who could come up with the most outlandish requirements for a hole. This was Jame's turn of use someone else like a puppet.

Something we have been looking forward to for a while now is Gary running his first official marathon. We made t-shirts with Liz and waited by the finish line. 

I loved watching all the different runners as they made their way the last .1 miles of the race. Some were sprinting, some were jogging, and some looked like they might pass out. I especially enjoyed seeing the fathers who had one or two kids run next to them for the last little bit. It was really adorable and by the looks on those kid's faces you could tell they thought their dad was Superman and they were flying right next to him. Things were so crowded that I attempted to get a few shots of  Gary actually running but ended up getting random elbows and someone's child.

After he ran 26.2 miles Gary walked all the way over to the tent that had chocolate milk and Creamies to pick up a few, he is lactose intolerant so the treats were for Gabe.
 I love how much my husband's family loves us.

Elizabeth failed to mention to us that she was nominated Utah's Charter school teacher of the year. She casually invited us to the ceremony. She also failed to mention it was kind of a big deal, there are over 85 charter schools in Utah which equals a lot of teachers. A video was played of her in the classroom and of administrators, other teachers and students talking about what they liked best about Mrs. Eaton, it was pretty impressive and we enjoyed watching.  

Gabe comes and eats lunch with me most days, which I really enjoy. We both realize this is a very unique time in our lives and are grateful for it.

Our favorite former boss Renea moved away this past week, we have both worked for her almost as long as we have been at BYU so it was difficult to see her go. We put together a road trip basket as a farewell.

Our friend Ashley text us asking if we wanted to have family night up in Salt Lake with her, we grabbed Emily to come along with us and really enjoyed the company, beautiful trail and gelato afterward. We love our mini road trips up to SLC

Last night we stopped by our favorite sushi place in Utah for half price sushi. Here is Gabe making soy sauce art and my tongue was bright pink after we detoured for some watermelon cotton candy on the way home.

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