The world is wide, the time goes by

... also known as the story of how my little brother went from 1 to 0 to 2 prom dates and I ended up being a chauffeur

Adam's date asked him to prom... and then cancelled on him Friday due to jealous boyfriend issues, which meant he had no plans or date the day before prom. Somehow in a matter of a few hours he had two dates, dinner plans and a chauffeur.

Which meant on Saturday morning we woke up early to make not one but two corsages and a mask (it was a masquerade theme), go to a baby shower, both my younger brothers Benji and John had baseball tournaments and Adam didn't buy his shoes, vest or bow tie that he wanted to wear yet...

The girls didn't want flowers so here are the feather corsage results:

Adam's chauffeur ditched at 5:30 when dinner was at 6:45, I agreed to this (the sleeves were rolled and I had on a cute hat on at one point):
(exhausted doesn't look great on me)

We had to stop to show off Adam and one of his dates at her sister's work

Their 'album cover' pose (Kathy, the one on the far right edited this):

About three minutes after we started taking pictures it started to rain... the rain turned into a downpour, which in turn lead to lightning and by the time I got back to my parent's house, hail...

(this was taken through the glass on the front door)

I REALLY wish I would have taken a picture of Gabe running outside in someone's bike helmet, hail coming down to bring the cars into the garage while my mom, John and I stayed safely inside.

At 12:30 Cinderella had to be home and so off I went to chauffeur everyone home and drive around in the lightening storm with my husband and little brother

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