Take a step towards normal...

I finally caved in and ordered a new phone... after new brakes on the car and before I knew we need new tires as well. I am under the assumption that these things come in threes so... Hopefully, next time I get a pay check I actually get to enjoy it :)

Texas, what to say?

The other day I broke out singing the state anthem and was surprised to find out I know the entire song, much to the chagrin of Gabe.

It is gorgeous here, the humidity makes EVERYTHING so green! It makes for a great view when I get lost about 1.5 times every day. I also get to see things like a dental office that is located inside a double-wide trailer. At first I thought it was hilarious, and then I found out it is a non-profit dental clinic and the Texas pride that is still subconsciously  in my heart twinged a bit.

I wore my old OU t-shirt yesterday and people were openly rude... Gabe has been let in a door because his shirt was Texas orange and white. The river war is alive and well I suppose.

More pictures when I actually get to take pictures for something other than work, and if anyone wants to come visit I promise it will be enjoyable.

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