It's time for a do over or two...

or the time Gabe and I went to Texas for what we thought was a summer and turned out being almost a month.
What a mess, I say that as I sit here looking back on what has been almost half of our summer. We have been tossed into a lot of places and choices, we have learned a few lessons, had a few sunburns, seen quite a few places and here we are headed back to Utah for better or for worse.
The details are quite complex and mostly private but I will say this, the Lord has directed us each step of the way. We would not be where we are without careful consideration and much prayer and thought. Where we are being in Provo, with only one of us employed and no idea of what will happen the rest of the summer. Isn't that how life goes though? Or at least mine does ... anytime we make solid plans it seems like we are lead in another direction. Example: I was going to go on a study abroad the summer of 2010 and instead I got married, Gabe was set on going into business and a few weeks before the start of his first semester he felt he should go into food science.
The nice thing is, it has always turned out better than our original plans... and we are always watched over in the process of it all.
So here we go, onto the next unknown adventure...

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