If you're too school for cool...

Last night, my friend Tasha and I decided to hit up our local ward's Young Women's Camp Auction. The brisket was delicious and dancing in a church gym with Tasha definitely brought back memories, even if it was just for the entertainment of her almost three-year old (we were in the same stake back in high school and her and her husband are the ones who invited us to Texas for the summer).

I picked this up at the auction:
I thought it would be perfect for kitchen decor since Gabe is a food science major, and the money went towards a good cause (getting teenage girls to a camp where they sing about sleeping in the nude, wear matching t shirts, do ridiculous skits, get their tan on and strengthen one another through their Christian beliefs... or at least that is what we did)

And even more proof that yes I did in fact marry a nerd, just like my brother always told me to*
(sorry for the horrible picture, oh how I miss my other phone):

I am going to make a goal board for Gabe each month we are out here, it will have events we would like to do and the number of sales he gets each day and week. That way he can see his progress and we can make sure we get to play a little bit.

*My brother Matt always told me that I needed to marry a nerd, not a jock (boyfriend #1), not a cool guy (boyfriend #2), but a nerd because they would always treat me the best. Well... he was right. Besides, nerd is the new cool.... right? 

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