Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take me with you...

I know I haven't wrote... written..? on here in forever. Part of the reason is because I didn't know what to say... the chaos that was our life was a bit much to sort out in my own head, let alone write on here. Another reason was because I had no idea what direction the rest of our summer would be taking and the ambiguity was a bit nerve wracking. The final reason was I have only had minimal internet access the past week.

We are currently in Kansas, after a few breakdowns, new tires and such, unpacking and repacking the car with most of our belongings in it and changing plans at least half a dozen times I think we are headed to Utah this weekend. I say I think because that is currently the plan. However, I have learned from the past few weeks to not get too comfortable with my own plans without realizing the Lord has plans of His own.

I thought Texas was our home for the summer, I guess it was just a stop on the way. I am still not completely certain how I feel about it all. I can't say this has been easy in the least. I miss being close to the ocean, the humidity and the friends we have there. I hate not seeing something through to the end, and there were so many plans we had made that we then had to cancel.

We're still not certain on the specifics of work vs school or living arrangements, but whether or not we are ready, here it comes...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The world is wide, the time goes by

... also known as the story of how my little brother went from 1 to 0 to 2 prom dates and I ended up being a chauffeur

Adam's date asked him to prom... and then cancelled on him Friday due to jealous boyfriend issues, which meant he had no plans or date the day before prom. Somehow in a matter of a few hours he had two dates, dinner plans and a chauffeur.

Which meant on Saturday morning we woke up early to make not one but two corsages and a mask (it was a masquerade theme), go to a baby shower, both my younger brothers Benji and John had baseball tournaments and Adam didn't buy his shoes, vest or bow tie that he wanted to wear yet...

The girls didn't want flowers so here are the feather corsage results:

Adam's chauffeur ditched at 5:30 when dinner was at 6:45, I agreed to this (the sleeves were rolled and I had on a cute hat on at one point):
(exhausted doesn't look great on me)

We had to stop to show off Adam and one of his dates at her sister's work

Their 'album cover' pose (Kathy, the one on the far right edited this):

About three minutes after we started taking pictures it started to rain... the rain turned into a downpour, which in turn lead to lightning and by the time I got back to my parent's house, hail...

(this was taken through the glass on the front door)

I REALLY wish I would have taken a picture of Gabe running outside in someone's bike helmet, hail coming down to bring the cars into the garage while my mom, John and I stayed safely inside.

At 12:30 Cinderella had to be home and so off I went to chauffeur everyone home and drive around in the lightening storm with my husband and little brother

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yesterday, we were just children

Sometimes the things that change the way I interpret my life take my by surprise...

-a song that makes me realize that through all the junk, there are so many memories I cherish from my childhood

-a job that demands I become more flexible when things are constantly changing, helping me to realize that I cannot fix everything

-the old television show that allows me to realize I am living a better life than the one I dreamed about for years

-a book that starts making me think maybe growing up really is the next adventure

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Take a step towards normal...

I finally caved in and ordered a new phone... after new brakes on the car and before I knew we need new tires as well. I am under the assumption that these things come in threes so... Hopefully, next time I get a pay check I actually get to enjoy it :)

Texas, what to say?

The other day I broke out singing the state anthem and was surprised to find out I know the entire song, much to the chagrin of Gabe.

It is gorgeous here, the humidity makes EVERYTHING so green! It makes for a great view when I get lost about 1.5 times every day. I also get to see things like a dental office that is located inside a double-wide trailer. At first I thought it was hilarious, and then I found out it is a non-profit dental clinic and the Texas pride that is still subconsciously  in my heart twinged a bit.

I wore my old OU t-shirt yesterday and people were openly rude... Gabe has been let in a door because his shirt was Texas orange and white. The river war is alive and well I suppose.

More pictures when I actually get to take pictures for something other than work, and if anyone wants to come visit I promise it will be enjoyable.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you're too school for cool...

Last night, my friend Tasha and I decided to hit up our local ward's Young Women's Camp Auction. The brisket was delicious and dancing in a church gym with Tasha definitely brought back memories, even if it was just for the entertainment of her almost three-year old (we were in the same stake back in high school and her and her husband are the ones who invited us to Texas for the summer).

I picked this up at the auction:
I thought it would be perfect for kitchen decor since Gabe is a food science major, and the money went towards a good cause (getting teenage girls to a camp where they sing about sleeping in the nude, wear matching t shirts, do ridiculous skits, get their tan on and strengthen one another through their Christian beliefs... or at least that is what we did)

And even more proof that yes I did in fact marry a nerd, just like my brother always told me to*
(sorry for the horrible picture, oh how I miss my other phone):

I am going to make a goal board for Gabe each month we are out here, it will have events we would like to do and the number of sales he gets each day and week. That way he can see his progress and we can make sure we get to play a little bit.

*My brother Matt always told me that I needed to marry a nerd, not a jock (boyfriend #1), not a cool guy (boyfriend #2), but a nerd because they would always treat me the best. Well... he was right. Besides, nerd is the new cool.... right? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everybody learns from disaster...

Have you ever had one of those days... where you are have the worst sunburn since you can't remember and you throw your phone in the washer and then proceed to mess up the entire night while trying to do something nice for your husband?

Yeah me either.

I am not sure what has gotten into me lately. I am usually organized to the point of annoyance. But since we started packing our house in Utah I have become kind of scattered. I have lost keys, and my place on the map at least a dozen times. And the phone thing... that just keeps getting to me.

The other day, after a huge mess with one of my classes, Gabe said to me "Life is always going to be hard for us, huh?"

I've been thinking about that, a lot. And you know what? I think it will... for the most part. But with each difficulty comes learning and strength and a renewed understanding of my relying on the Savior for many things. With that in mind, I am not sure the difficulties, ruined phones and hectic schedules are something to be upset with or even annoyed by. Because to be honest, things have been and could be much worse, and when it comes down to it I cannot see any one of those issues not making me a better person...

If I just stop complaining and let it happen.