If you're going my way....

I finally have a moment to blog...
Our trip out here was exhausting, and a lot of fun... all at the same time. We:

drove through a blizzard up in the Rocky Mountains, which stopped most semis in their tracks. Gabe is a stellar winter weather driver, and we were definitely grateful that we packed as much as we did as we crawled up the mountain.

 and then there was beautiful Kansas

where we hung out with some of the people we love, and Gabe and Josh put together this awesome jungle gym for a kitten

Then it was on to Oklahoma....

where we watched this cute little guy get baptized (this picture was taken after I sang him Soft Kitty. He loved it and wouldn't stop smiling while acting like he was asleep. Adorable.)

and Gabe gave an excellent talk on the Holy Ghost (thanks for the idea Josh!) using two cans of soda, one empty and one full explaining that when we have that protection with us, we cannot be crushed by the weight of the world:

I loved every bit of Benjamin's baptism (when you're LDS you are baptized by immersion at 8 years old, or whenever you convert to the church). Especially the part where my tough grandpa was sniffling and leaned over to said to me "You married a great man." in his deep southern voice that I find comfort in.
Afterward, everyone went to my parent's house where there was lots of food and fun. I forgot to take pictures but loved hanging out with siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, and cousins.

My nieces were soo excited to hang out with their Uncle Gabe

and maybe their Aunt Heather too (as always when we go to visit, there is Gabe and Adam, best buds)

we had Braum's ice cream (how cute are those kids?! ...excluding the random guys photo bombing the picture)

and some shared more than others

then we said our goodbyes and finally ended up here

where the grass and traffic are thick,

we are still getting used to things and my southern accent is once again slowly sneaking it's way out of my mouth. I cannot believe that we took that entire trip in less than four days. We seemed to pack so much into it but at the same time there wasn't enough (kind of like when we shoved all of our belongings into the trunk and back seat of the car). More later on the crazy hurricane of life that has happened since we got here. 

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