we made plans to be unbreakable... aka our weekend pt. 1

this weekend started uphill... and ended somewhere towards the bottom

Friday night Gabe got off work a little late, we rushed home so I could get in at least one workout for the day, and after I showered we headed off to our friends The Browns to play a few rounds of cards... which once again turned into us staying until far too late, eating too much food, and laughing until our stomachs hurt...

Saturday I ran my sister 30 minutes north to grab her newly acquired car... I got on the highway back home only to discover it was at a standstill. Twenty minutes later I was exiting (having gone an entire mile) and calling up an old roommate to have lunch. We talked about our crazy (and I do mean crazy) roommates, our current life adventures and how funny it is that I swore off marriage before 28 and here I am and she being 26 is enjoying the single life when she thought she would be married by 22.

Funny how the Lord knows what we need much more than our immature plans.

As I got back into my car I thought back to my unconventional freshman year... living off-campus, headed to college a semester behind most of my graduating class, driving around my brother's awesome car while he was deployed...

I needed that extra semester off... I needed to attend the funeral and memorial services for two of my friends from high school... to take a 48 hour road trip with my grandparents... to hang out with my cousin Amy... I needed time off from growing up just a little bit longer.

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