this is home...

Sometimes I forget how much I love the library... the smell of books... the hushed tones... some people grew up in a town, I grew up in libraries.

In fact, when I was in fourth grade, I read so much that it strained my eyes and I needed glasses for reading. I remember going to the library in my cutoff faded jean shorts, browsing the children's section of the library and sneaking off to other places, browsing the books and sometimes merely just touching all of the different ones with their textures and colors. My family moved quite a bit when I was growing up, but I cannot remember a place we lived where we didn't visit the local public library.

Gabe and I have started our own library, and have a little over two bookshelves of books (if you count his Zelda comics... and we do). Of course, we both still have a long list of books that we would like to add to our collection.

One day I will have my own library, in our home. One that my children have easy access to, and maybe I will even put up some of these cheesy posters that I remember so well:

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