Promises, swear them to the sky...

My family moved over twenty two times by the time I was 18, so you think I would be used to packing up and leaving a place, especially if it is just for the summer.

But I am not.

Everyday I realize something new that I will be missing, and then in turn I think God reminds me of a new opportunity or something I ever so desperately am ready to leave behind.

So then my emotions do this tug-of-war and I think I am finally beginning to understand why in the world I am freaking out over such a minute change.

As much as I hate to admit it Utah has really become my home, my safe haven and sometimes my place of escape. I have done a lot of growing up here. I have so many memories here. I have found the best of friends and slowly let go of others. I fell in love (twice) with the best man I know. I have grown into a person I really like.

It isn't that we are leaving this summer, it is that we are probably leaving for good next April.

Things are constantly changing, we are in college and most people move on from this juncture in their life. Saying goodbye is almost a constant at this point, which is a good thing. I want people to succeed, to follow their dreams...

But for me, this is the most consistent life has been for me. Moving between all the apartments, going from single to engaged to married... even with all of those changes I have been in the same place, with relatively the same people.

So this summer will be another adventure, I am sure I will love. But in the meantime please excuse my anxiety.

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