it just comes as no surprise

I reached a breaking point last week... somewhere between not ever going to bed before 1am and eating out almost every meal (and maybe watching a little too much Biggest Loser) I decided this isn't going to be my life anymore.

We were doing great until last semester when I had two surgeries within one month of each other. It was okay then to eat out and not really do anything. My body needed to rest. Sleeping the day away was healthy. But habits form easily and 3 months later it is time for me to set some goals and meet them!

I'm no longer going to weigh 154 pounds (give or take a few), not be able to run more than a mile, spend waay too much on low quality food, or walk around like a zombie. I don't even like television that much so why does it occupy my downtime?

I started last week by reading instead of watching television. I have decided tv is mundane enough that I can watch it while doing other things like laundry, busy work, or meal planning. Otherwise reading a book, spending time with the husband (even if we are playing games I am horrible at) or working on one of the many projects on my list of things to do has begun to occupy that time.

We also went grocery shopping based on a healthy menu and are enjoying cooking each night. Well except tonight... Gabe had a meeting and I had me a big fat salad.

And starting yesterday, for the next two weeks I am doing two a days... which involves working out two times a day. Which is horrible, until you start feeling the results. Then I will just maintain it.

Oh and it is 11:30... which is 30 minutes past my new bedtime.

Goood Night!

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